Literati Fest 2016

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Books are a man’s best friend.... well we all know it. VESIM decided to introduce students to people behind the books i.e. the authors and different genres of books. In the beginning of the year, Jan 8-9, 2016; ‘VESIM Literati Fest’ was organized at VESIM. 

The festival saw 32 authors participating from as varied genre as fiction to film, management to cartoon etc. The authors flew in from Australia, Dubai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi & Lucknow. Festival saw participation by some of the best publishers. The sessions were interspersed with 3 workshops and 2 book launches. One street play on Women’s Safety and a play on Vivekananda. 

There was a social angle to the Fest where PETA was the social cause partner while American Library was the reading partner, US Consulate also partnered the Literati Fest, in all there were 13 partnerships. The authors went back happy, with a promise to come back. There was active participation from several colleges and corporate from Mumbai. 

Icing on the cake was that the whole Literati Festival was student driven. From coordinating with the author, to getting sponsorship all of it was handled by students, of course under the guidance of faculty members. The students demonstrated that they can hold a conversation with the best of brains in the industry, coordinate the logistics and all of it within the budget with a perfect Tea. Students demonstrated the managerial acumen at its best.