Marketing Quiz " Kaun Banega Marketing Guru"

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Marketing cell successfully organized quiz named "Kaun Banega Marketing Guru" on 26th of September 2018. Total 25 teams (3 students in each team) participated and out of 25 top 5 teams have been selected for final round. Finally three teams won the cash prize of 3000/-, 2000/- and 1000/- respectively. Winner Teams were as follows - 1. Pooja and Group 2. Prajakta and Group  3. Shubham and Group . With this eight on the spot cash prizes of 100/- each has been distributed from audience. With students faculties were also present during event and Dr. Sandeep Bharadwaj , Dr. H. S. Chima , Dr. Debjani Banerjee, Dr. Seema Sant and Dr. Dinesh Kapadia were elected as experts for the quiz. Quiz has been organized by Dr. Rupali Rajesh and Prof. Snehal Chincholkar.