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VESIM Directory - Academics

Name Designation Department Extension
Dr. Swati Singh Chairperson-Marketing Marketing 154
Dr. C. G. Prakash Chairperson-Operation Operation 107
Dr. Seema Sant Chairperson-Human Resource Human Resource 121
Dr. Nisha Pandey Chairperson-Entrepreneurship & MSME Entrepreneurship & MSME 138
Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta Chairperson-Case Research & Development Center Case Research & Development Center 138
Prof. Neerja Kashive Faculty Human Resource 116
Prof. Mukund Madhav Tripathi Faculty Marketing 116
Dr. Mrinal Vikas Phalle Faculty Finance 116
Prof. Ravi Jeswani Faculty Marketing 120
Prof. Swapnil Kshirsagar Faculty Operations 116
Dr. Laxmi Goritiyal Faculty Finance 120
Prof. Srinivasan Repak Faculty Operations 116
Dr. Debjani Banerjee Faculty General Management 144
Prof. Snehal Chincholkar Faculty Marketing 116
Dr. Rupali Rajesh Faculty Marketing 116
Prof. Brijesh Sharma Faculty Marketing 116
Prof. Pallavi Vartak Faculty Finance 116
Prof. Kavita Kanabar Faculty Marketing 119
Prof. Dinesh Kapadia Faculty Marketing 133
Dr. Pradip Kumar Mitra Faculty Finance 144
Prof. Pranjal Muley Chairperson-Information Technology Information Technology 105
Prof. K. V. Ramahrishnan Faculty Finance 120
Dr. Hema Santhanam Faculty Qantitative Methods 137
Dr. Satish Billewar Faculty Information Technology 120
Dr. S. V. Kulkarni Faculty Marketing 142
Dr. Meena Sharma Faculty Finance 142
Prof. Manish Velankar Faculty Statistics 111
Dr. Anupama Tiwari Faculty Operations 111
Prof. Prema Rahul Mahale Faculty Operations 111
Prof. Jyoti Singhal Faculty Finance 141
Prof. Shalini Bariar Faculty Marketing 137