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Area of Specialisation
Human Resources
Date of Joining: 22/6/2015

Prof. Swapnil Kshirsagar

He is a faculty at VESIM in the Human Resources department and is pursuing research in the area of employee motivation.

He has an experience in Human Resource some of which is in Corporate India. Over the years, he has acquired tremendous insights in understanding process and systems, training, coaching, counseling and consulting on various core areas. With the long and wide experience of working in a corporate, he is able to understand the core of an issue and address the same with focus.

His expertise in training, coaching and consulting over years has made him a professional in the Management domain.

He is an MBA in HR and a BE in Production and currently pursuing Ph.D. in Management. He believes in continuous learning which has kept him on the go through his career. His objective is to add value to people when he interacts with them. His wide experience has helped him to understand people and a knack of developing rapport with them.

His core competency could be expressed, largely, in two specific domains – as a teacher and a Management Consultant. By his interactive and participative approach, he is able to bring to the learning table the experiences of the participants; thus aiming at holistic development of his target audience.

A passionate teacher he is involved in creating and developing several customized programs. He enjoys the research behind creating an intervention and works through to meet the stated and unstated objectives of the intervention. As a trainer, he has delivered various programs and covered a whole range of audience.

He is a dedicated professional with his focus on soft skills and behavioral skills.

Educational Qualifications
Ph.D in Management(pursuing),SIU.,Pune
Diploma in Industrial mangement,Welingkar,Mumbai
B.E Production,Fr. CRCE,Mumbai

Academic Affiliation

Professional Affiliation


Human Resources Management
Organization Behaviour
Human Resource Planning and HRIS
Industrial Engineering

Area of Research
Employee devlopment
HR practices
Tourism cooperatives

Current Research
Line managers morale

Research Papers
1. Make in India: Entrepreneurship as a choice among mangement students, Mumbai
Inclusion and Diversity- Cross cultural challenges for companies in era of Globalization

2. Using Analytics From Employee Daily Data to Predict the Engagement of Employees

3. Role of Corporate Governance and Business Ethics in Social Entrepreneurship

Publications in Book Chapters/Others

1. Introduction to Statistics on SAS and R

2. Teaching with Simulations

3. Workshop on Structual Equation Modelling

4. National Teacher Congress

5. Outbound Induction program for PG batch (conducted)

6. Faculty enagagement program (Outbound)

7. Workshop on Qualitative Research

8. Turning Complexity into Simplicity using BigData analytics

9. Case writing Workshop on Use of Harrison Assessment Test

10. Outcome Based Learning Objectives

Working Papers
1. Top Management behavioural factors affecting the morale of line managers

2. Study on Tourism Cooperatives

Work in Committees and Groups
1. Faculty member of student welfare committee

2. Incharge of extenal events and inter cllege committee


Custom Programs

Speaking Engagements

Awards & Honours