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Ares of Specialisation
Date of Joining: 1/3/2019

Dr. Sushma Verma

Dr. Sushma Verma is a faculty in Finance. She is a rank holder in University list of merit in MBA. She has completed her PhD in Financial Management from Prestigious Savitribai Phule Pune University. She has to her credit experience of Industry as well as Academics. Since last ten years she is in the field of academics teaching various subjects within the domain of finance at post graduate level in various courses affiliated to University of Pune and University of Mumbai.

She has presented papers in various conferences and published papers in various journals. She is the author of two books in Advanced Financial Management and Financial Risk Management. She is also on the editorial board of two International Journals. Her research interests lies in exploring commercial viability of Renewable energy in every possible application, analysing bankruptcy across sectors and in understanding various aspects of corporate finance.

Educational Qualifications

Academic Affiliation

Professional Affiliation
Life time Member of CEGR (Centre for Education, Growth and Research), Leading Education think tank of India
Member of AMFI( Association of Mutual Fund of India)

Financial Management
Corporate Valuation
Mergers and Acquisitions
Project Financing
Cost and Management Accounting
Strategic Cost Management

Area of Research
Liquidation and Bankruptcy
Corporate Finance
SME Financing
Sustainable energy for development
Exploring Commercial Viability of Renewable Energy in different possible applications.
Artificial Intelligence
Managing self through spirituality
Sustainable Development

Current Research
Sustainable Energy Security
Impact of AI in education
Sustainable Development
COVID-19 and its impact


Research Papers
1. Sushma Verma,Samik Shome and Aakruti Patel ,"Financial preference of listed SMEs in India” in Journal of Small Business Strategy. Scopus Indexed and ABDC listed Journal.31(3), 88-101.

2. Sushma Verma,Tushar Panigrahi and Divya Alok ,"COVID 19 and Online Learning in Post Graduate Management Programme: An Empirical Analysis of Students Perception” in Journal of Applied Business and Economics. ABDC listed Journal.23(2), 108-123.

3. Sushma Verma,Samik Shome and  Aakruti Patel (2020), "Financing preference of listed small and medium enterprises (SMEs): evidence from NSE Emerge Platform in India", Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies( Emerald), Scopus Indexed and ABDC listed Journal.

4. Samik Shome and Sushma Verma(2020), “Financial Distress in Indian Aviation Industry: Investigation Using Bankruptcy Prediction Models” published in Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics 13(25):91-109. ABDC listed Journal.

5. Sushma Verma,(2020),” Role of ICT in Higher Education During COVID-19: Opportunities and Challenges” published in Shodh Sanchar Bulletin, Volume10, Issue 40.ISSN-2229-3620. Approved UGC CARE LIST I

6. Sushma Verma,(2019),” Mergers in Indian Banks,Rationale & Post Mergers Implications” published in Journal of Development Research, Volume12, Issue 3.ISSN-2229-7561.

7. Sushma Verma, (2019),”Success Story of NCLT and way ahead” published in VSRD International Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume IX | Issue - V | May-2019 | ISSN - 2319-2194 UGC Approved Journal serial Number 43329.

8. Sushma Verma, Lalit Kumar Bhole(2018),”Can Bad Bank be a mean for managing NPAs in India” published in International Journal of Recent Research Aspects, Volume - 5 | Issue - 1 | March-2018 | ISSN - 2349-7688 X | Impact Factor : 1.235 | IC Value : 76.3. UGC Approved Journal.

9. R. S Aurora, Sushma Verma(2017),” Indian Economy on a new high in Ease of Doing Business” published in SIES Journal of Applied Finance and Accounting, Volume 04,2017. ISSN:2394-8353

10. Sushma Verma, Lalit Kumar Bhole(2017),” Demonetization and its Impact on Black Money in India” published in Indian Journal of Applied Research Volume - 7 | Issue - 4 | April-2017 | ISSN - 2249-555 X | Impact Factor : 4.894 | IC Value : 79.96

11. SushmaVerma(2016),” Masala Bonds- Innovation in Financing” published in The International Journal of Business and Management, Vol 4, Issue 10, Oct, 2016. ISSN- 2321-8916.Impact Factor 1.223, I.C Value :82.82

12. SushmaVerma, Dr.KishorJagtap(2015), “ Study Of Financial Risk Management In Solar Power Projects In India” published in International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review, Vol. 1, Issue.12, Dec, 2015 ISSN -2348-0653, Impact Factor- 3.072

13. SushmaVerma, Dr.KishorJagtap(2015), “Study of Risks affecting Renewable Energy Financing” in International Journal of Recent Research Aspects(IJRRA),Volume 2, Issue3 , Sep, 2015 ISSN: 2349-7688. Impact Factor-1.235

14. SushmaVerma, Dr.KishorJagtap(2015), “Infrastructure Financing in India: Challenges and Way Ahead”in Researchers World, “ Journal of Art, Science and Commerce”,Volume VI, Issue2(2), Apr, 2015 ISSN: 2231-4172

15. SushmaVerma, Dr.KishorJagtap(2015), “Foreign Direct Investment in Retail, Opportunity and Challenges” in Abhinav National Monthly Referred Journal in Commerce and Management”,Volume 4, Issue3 , March, 2015 ISSN: 2277-1166

16. SushmaVerma(2013), “Capital Budgeting: A review of the theoretical and practical Aspects” in Researchers World, “ Journal of Art, Science and Commerce”,ISSN: 2231-4172

Publications in Book Chapters/Others
1. Sushma Verma, Samik Shome and Aakruti Patel (2021), “Financial Distress among Indian SMEs listed on Natinal Stock Exchange” published in Human Resource Management Practices for Industry 4.0. Excel India Publishers.ISBN: 978-93-91355-14-2 

2. Sushma Verma and Samik Shome(2020), “Assessing Airline Bankruptcy in India ” published in ,The Financial Landscape of Emerging Economies: Current State, Challenges and Solutions. Springer. Scopus Indexed Series.

3. Divya Alok and Sushma Verma(2020), “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs) and their contribution to the Indian Economy” published in Emerging Issues in Business Management. National Press Associates.ISBN: 978-81-944303-9-1

4. Sushma Verma (2020), “Leveraging The Higher Education in India Using ICT: Benefits and Challenges” published in New Paradigm in Business and Education. National Press Associates.ISBN: 978-81-944303-8-4.

5. Jyoti Chandwani and Sushma Verma (2020), “ROLE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN INDIA” published in PERSPECTIVES ON BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & ECONOMICS.Archers & Elevators Publishing House.ISBN: 978-81-947738-1-8 .

Newspaper Articles

Working Papers


1. Sushma Verma, Samik Shome, Aakruti Patel(2022), “ Impact Investment in Indian MSMEs – An Alternative Funding Source in the COVID Pandemic” First International Conference on Management Of MSMEs, IIM Amritsar

2. Tushar Panigrahi,  Sushma Verma and Sunita Mall (2021), Return Spill Over Between Crypto-currencies, Gold and Silver: Analysis before and During COVID-19 Pandemic, Post COVID Management Strategies: Recovery, Resilience and Adaptation, IIM Bodhgaya.

3. Sushma Verma and Ranpreet Kaur (2021), Students Perception of Online Learning in Post Graduate Management Programme: An Empirical Analysis, 3rd HEF International Conference on Post Covid World: Academic and Changing Corporate Land Scape. Paper was adjudged to be among top five papers.

4. Sushma Verma, Samik Shome(2020),” Assessing Airline Bankruptcy in India”, 2nd International Conference on Economics and Finance, BITS Pilani, K.K Birla Goa Campus.

5. Sushma Verma, Aakruti Patel, Samik Shome(2020),” An Empirical Study of Financing preferences of Small And Medium Enterprises(SMEs in India”, Sixth Biennial Conference of the Indian Academy of Management, IIM Tiruchirappalli

6. CHR Rami Reddy, Sushma Verma, Jyoti Chandwani(2019),”An Exploratory Study on Role of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Learning Environment”, 5th IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and Automation,MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.

7. Sushma Verma(2018),” Decreasing Gender Influence on Succession Planning in Family owned Businesses in India”in 1st International Conference on Challenges in Emerging Economies “General Management Area, Organized by K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai

8. SushmaVerma, Lalit Kumar Bhole(2018),”Digital Marketing , A Road Ahead to Pharmaceutical Selling” in 2 nd International Conference on Innovative Business Practices and Sustainability in VUCA World Organized by GNVS Institute of Management, Mumbai

9. Sushma Verma (2017),” Demonetisation and Its Impact on Financial Inclusion and Digitalization of Financial Transactions” in International Conference on Business and Management Research, Collaborative Business Management: Enhancing Business, organised by SASMIRA’s Institute of Management Study and Research, Mumbai

10. Sushma Verma, Lalit Kumar Bhole(2017),” Scope for Green Entrepreneurship In India and its role in Sustainable Development of Country” in 10th National Conference on ,” Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainablity “ organised by A I’s Allana Institute of Management Studies

11. Sushma Verma, Dr, KishorJagtap (2014), “Solar Power Project Financing in India:- Challenges and Way Ahead”Emerging Trends and Practices in Indian Business Environment 2013-14 at Pune National Level Research Conference, ISBN: 978-81-910118-4-5

12. SushmaVerma (2012), “Inflation Indexed Bond: Need for Reintroduction in the Present Scenario”, Episteme 2012, National Level Research Conference, Mumbai ISBN: 978-81-922310-0-9

13. Prof. NileshKulkarni, Prof. DivyaAlok and Prof. SushmaVerma (2011), “Effect of Product Recall on Brand Image of a Company and its Financial Implications”, Mapping for Excellence, Challenges Ahead, National Level Research Conference, Indore(M.P)

14. Prof. NileshKulkarni, Prof. DivyaAlok and Prof. SushmaVerma (2011), “Retailing and Franchising”, Strengthening Today, Building Tomorrow, National Level Research Conference , Pune ISBN:978-93-5024-717-4

15. Professional Development Programme on,” Fund Raising – Venture Capital and Private Equity” at IBS Business School, Mumbai 2017.

16. Professional Development Programme on,” Financial Modelling- A Must Know for Every Finance Professional” at IBS Business School, Mumbai 2017.

17. FDP on Participative Leadership attended at SInhgad College of Commerce, Mumbai 2016.

18. Philip Kotler seminar on Values Driven Marketing, Marketing 3.0, Mumbai 2013.

19. Bombay Management Association’s 14th Annual Financial Services Convention,” Changing Face of Regulation in India”. Mumbai 2011

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