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Area of Specialisation

Date of Joining: 2/5/2017

Dr. Sunil Kulkarni

An Academician with 2 decades of experience in the field of Management Education in Mumbai.Currently Associate Professor-marketing at VESIM Business school and also Ph.D Guide for Mumbai University(Management) one student has completed his Ph.D (VTU University).Conceptualised/written/presented/reviewed 100 articles/research papers/book chapters in various national/international conferences/events.

Educational Qualifications
Ph.D(Pune University)-2001-02
MMS-Pune Univesity(Symbiosis Institute) -1992
DBM-Shivaji University-1996-Distinction
DME-Government Polytechnic Kolhapur -1983 first class

Academic Affiliation
Associate Professor-Marketing-VESIM Business school,Mumbai
Ph.D Guide-Mumbai University

Professional Affiliation
 Life Member-Bombay Management Association

Marketing group subjects
Sales management
international business
business ethics
rural marketing
B2B marketing

Area of Research
one ph.d student-pharma marketing
another MSME sector
rural marketing
sales management

Current Research


Research Papers
1)Consumer preference towards multichannel retailing-published(Co-author) in international journal of management, social science research review(IJMSRR)-Vol,6, issue 4, April 2019-ISSN-2349-6738

2) “A study on Multichannel shopper behavior towards electronic products with special reference to Bangalore city” published in The Management Quest, Vol1, Issue 1; April-September 2018 online ISSN;2581-6632 3

3) ‘Rural Digitization –When and How? Published in Shodhaditya-Volume 5 issue 1 December-May 2018 ISSN 2347-8403

4) ’Multi-channel and Omni-channel retailing-A drive towards future retailing-published in International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review(IJBARR)- Vol 1, Issue.20 Oct-Dec, 2017.Page 49 E-ISSN-2347-856X ISSN-2348-0653

5) EIC (Economic, industry wise and company) wise analysis of impact of Demonetization (page 226-233) in Journal of Management (JOM) Volume 5, issue 3, May-June 2018, Journal impact factor (2016):2,4352 ISSN Print:2347-3940 and ISSN Online:2347-3959

6) “The world MAY BE Flat, Bumpy or Oval but Bharat and India has to come together to be fully included in Globalization process’- Published in Journal of Advances in Business management-sept,2015, Vol 1, issue 3 (pages 247-250)-ISSN-2395-7328, IBI Factor,2015-2.8

7) “The Theory and Practice of Innovation in India compared with the world’ published in JIMS-8M-Vol 16, No.3 July-September 2011

8) “Innovation Management-challenges and opportunities in the next decade’ –published in Asia Pacific journal of Management and Entrepreneurship research (APJMER) Vol.2, issue 1, Jan 2013(ISSN-2277-8098)

9) “Current and changing trends in some business sector in India”-published in SBR-ISBN 978-81-922159-1-4(Pages 100-104)

10) “Innovations in financial products for rural India”-published in International Journal of Business management, Economics and information technology, Vol,3, No,1, Jan-June 2011:55-62-ISSN-0975-296X

11) “Inflation-The right time to ask modern retailers to play the role of partial PDS (Public Distribution system)”-published in international journal of Management sciences-ISSN 0973-2101 Vol 6 No.2 Dec 2010(pages 50-64)

12)’Role of Logistics in Dairy Industry”-Published in Indian Journal of Marketing, Vol-XXXIV No.3 March ,2004 (pages 16-18)

13) Reviewed the Book-Marketing Management Indian Context-Global Perspectives by Ramaswamy Namkumari-6 th edition (SAGE Publications)

14) Reviewed the book Rural Marketing-Text and Cases,2/e (Kindle edition) by Krishnamacharyulu, Lalitha Ramakrishna.

Publications in Book Chapters/Others
New generation marketing-moving beyond horizon published in Dr.Ajit Dubey's book

1) Attended a two-day workshop on “Qualitative research methods and analysis (20-31 St October,2015) conducted by VESIM Business school

2) Session chair during- IC4E 2011- International Economics Development and research center(IEDRC) held during January 7-9,2011, Mumbai

3) Session chair-14th SIMSR Global Marketing conference

4) session chair-international conference on global transformation –at LLC-11-12 th April,2014

5) attended 2nd SIMSR-ASIA 2006 International marketing conference, December 17-18,2006

6) Attended A faculty development programme(FDP)-Applications of research methodology and statistics in management pedagogy organized by DYPIMS-,25 th August,2007.

7) Aditya institute of Management-National conference on entrepreneurship development-An economic growth perspective-2-4th March,2012.

8)Participated in the seminar on Disaster Management-Socio-economic implications held at LLIC-27th January,2006

9) participated in National seminar on –Innovate or Evaporate-financial innovations opportunities held at LLIM,25 TH September,2010

10) participated in the international conference on –Management of emerging paradigm conflicts in a globalized world held by PES Institute of technology during Jan,8-9,2010

11)Attended workshop on Educational research –AVISHKAR (2014-2015) organized at K.P.B. Hinduja college and University of Mumbai.

12)Session chair-women entrepreneurship conference at VESIM-13 th october,2018

13) Attended FDP at Entrepreneurship development institute of India(EDI)-Ahmedabad,17-28 December,2018

14) Nominated as judge-for 13th Inter-collegiate/institute/department-Avishkar research convention -2018-19 organized by Mumbai university.

15) Attended FDP on The faculty I want to be-Re-designing ME towards my ideal self- at VESIM-14TH Feb,2019

16) session chair BASIC,2019- Business analytics conference, VESIM, Mumbai.

17) Attended a workshop at SPJIMR on innovative teaching methods on 14/3/2018

18) Attended a workshop on Scientific approaches to literature review-at ITM Business school-1/9/2018

19) conducted a workshop on How to write research papers on 16/12/2017 at VESIM.

20) Attended MDP on Commodity derivatives at VESIM held on 19th July,2018

21)Attended FDP On qualitative and quantitative research methods and design at VESIM-12-14 th July,2018.

22)Attended workshop on –outcome based learning and accreditation process at VESIM on 5-6 th October,2018.

23)organized a seminar on ‘Branding’(Chief guest.Mr.Jagdeep Kapoor) at LLIM-2006

Working Papers
Make in rural india and be Desi or follow American/Chinese way? A sugested innovation for emerging markets
Make in your respective rural markets-A suggested innovation for emerging markets
New perspectives of Agricultural Marketing adopted in Maharashtra
Role of rural markets in country's economy -suggested innovation for emerging markets
Adopt anand model(milk)for,shelter and be a happier nation

Work in Committees and Groups


Custom Programs
conducted 9 mdps in the area of marketing at NITIE

Speaking Engagements

Awards & Honours