Ve-People is a bi yearly e-magazine aimed at addressing the developments taking place in the world of Human Relations and People management in today's era of Globalisation and Change. The magazine is developed completely in-house, designed and edited by VESIM's HR cell comprising of students and faculty of HR Department. .
The HR department at VESIM is a multifunction department imparting services in the areas of Consulting, Assessment, Counselling, Mentoring and Training. With internationally certified faculty and enthusiastic students at its disposal, the department has formulated VEBAC which is VESIM Behavioural Assessment Centre to address the same. Ve-People is the mouthpiece of the VESIM HR department which intends to propagate the developments in the HR world through the magazine. With articles ranging from students to alumni to Industry experts, Ve-People contains a plethora of information for the reader. Continuous learning is the mantra that needs to be part of organisational core culture. The more activities that an individual partakes in, the more enhanced he or she would get in their skill set, isn’t it amazing! Lastly the best lessons are learned by doing something practically – that’s experience; and adapting to situation is something that comes by default when experiential learning is on. The HR professionals are expected to provide optimistic and innovative solutions that is the demand by the organization and society. Through the magazine we would like to address and discuss the developments in people management and allied areas.
Edition of VE People