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Code of Publication Ethics

VESIM Policy against Plagiarism


To ensure that documents such as thesis, dissertation, assignments, reports, publications or any other such documents are free of plagiarism at the time of their submission.

  1. Every student submitting a thesis, dissertation, term papers, reports or any other such documents to the Institute shall submit an undertaking indicating that the document has been prepared by him or her and that the document is his/her original work and free of any plagiarism.
  2. The Dean, Faculty, Librarian and other authorized personnel will be provided access in plagiarism detection tool (Turnitin) for checking the content of the scripts. The faculty guide/mentor shall instruct the student to get the plagiarism report of their documents from the librarian.
  3. The library shall create a Repository in soft copy format for all the dissertation / thesis / paper / publication and other in-house publications.
  4. Similarity checks for exclusion from Plagiarism
  5. The similarity checks for plagiarism shall exclude the following:
    1. All quoted work either falling under public domain or reproduced with all necessary permission and/or attribution.
    2. All references, bibliography, table of content, preface and acknowledgements.
    3. All small similarities of minor nature.
    4. AII generic terms, laws, standard symbols and standards equations.
  6. Zero Tolerance Policy in core area: The core work carried out by the student, faculty, staff and researcher shall be based on original ideas and shall be covered by Zero Tolerance Policy on Plagiarism. The core work shall include abstract, summary, hypothesis, observations, results, conclusions and recommendations. 
  7. Levels of Plagiarism in non-core areas –
    For all other (non-core) cases, plagiarism would be quantified into following levels of severity:
    1. Research Scholars / Faculties / Contributing Authors- Similarities up to 20%. – excluded. Such Research Scholars / Faculties / Contributing Authors shall be asked to submit a revised script within a stipulated time period.
    2. Students - Similarities up to 30%. – excluded. Similarities more than this shall not be given any mark and/or credit for the plagiarized script and shall be asked to submit a revised script within a stipulated time period.