The role of Macro economics is to help in familiarising with the different resources and parameters that help in increasing national income. Decision based on the updated economic scenario helps in boosting productivity, creating job opportunities, which helps in upscaling the economy in its monetary development.
When the leader is able to understand the trends that prevail in the economy they can make decisions more meaningful. Helping them focus towards their policies in terms of strategies.
The macro economy is subdivided into 5 sectors- Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quarternary and quinary. These division is based on proportion of population who are engaged with various activities exhibiting the continuum of distance that they have from the natural environment. The primary economic activities starts with its utilization of raw material from the crust of the earth. Then gradually the sector starts getting detached from the nature in terms of processing of raw materials.
The purpose of this quarterly news letter edited by students with great passion to cover all important events that happens in all these five sectors.Thus collating news from all different sectors of the economy for every quarter would help the students to use it as a ready reckoner to brush up all the important events to stay abreast of the current happenings.
Over a period of time this newsletter would keep on exceling in its attainment to become a resource for all it’s readers.

Debjani Banerjee(PhD)

Mentor-“Arthonomy TheQuarterly Review.”