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Student Testimonials

Sahiba Gunani
(Batch 2014 - 2016)
Key Account Officer
Nestle India Pvt Ltd.

When I first signed up for a Course at VESIM, I wanted to learn basics of marketing and develop my management skills. However, my expectations were exceeded.

The curriculum of the VESIM programme was really exciting and challenging at the same time. The program at VESIM favors interaction, not only between professors and students, but also between students.

The professors' academic and professional experience was really appreciable and inspiring. The different activities organized by various recreation and CSR cells were much appreciated by the students.

In addition to the regular course, I got an opportunity to expand my knowledge in the area of analytics. The addition of business analytics course in the curriculum keeps VESIM open ended to curriculum alteration on the basis of emerging business trends, which enables students to gain a cutting edge advantage over competition.

Jaswanth Ravilla
(Batch 2014 – 2016)
Management Trainee
Hansa Research Group

I am working as a Management Trainee with one of the leading Market Research companies in India, providing services in 77 countries worldwide. I believe this opportunity came my way only due to the specialization course in Marketing and Business analytics, which I undertook at VESIM. The course has perfectly blended two key areas - marketing and business analytics, which has helped me a lot in my present job.

I would say VESIM is more than just a center of academic learning. The industry interaction, group works, peer learning and various student committees I was a part of have fuelled me with great confidence.

I am truly glad that VESIM happened to me!

Sumedh Rewatkar
(Batch 2014 – 2016)
Sales Officer
JK Tyre and Industries Ltd

I feel VESIM offered me the best opportunity for development of my skills in marketing and business analytics.

I have found that the method of teaching is different from the one I am used to. Most of the courses have hands on aspect with more focus on practical learning. I had opportunities to utilize the upgraded Analytics facilities in the college, as well as privilege to attend several interaction sessions with Big Data and marketing experts. I believe these preparations have helped me settle in the current job. The summer placement program was another major turning point of my life, as it prepared me for the challenges of the real job environment. The social immersion program have inspired me taking social issues seriously.

VESIM is one of the few study institutions that ensures that the student is inching towards his brilliant career, as well as developing into a brilliant social individual.

Dharmika Jain
(Batch – 2014 - 2016)
Relationship Manager
Axis Bank

The journey that started at VESIM, two years ago was indeed one of the best decisions of my life to enrol myself into. The course is a two-year, full-time program, with a dual specialization. One with Management Module and another with Technology Module on SAS Platform.

VESIM is definitely a paradise for students who aspire to achieve par excellence in the field of 'Marketing'. With an astute attention to detail, backed up by current market trends, Marketing and various techniques have been made interesting by the faculty of VESIM. Our professors have inspired and challenged us throughout this academic to help us reach the epitome of success and achievement. The teachings we learnt will be helpful for all days henceforth. The unique approach of “learning by doing” via cases, industrial visits and consultancy projects has led to immense value addition.

Also the soft skills sessions have kept me focused on my goals and working practices. I am now much more aware of how I communicate and the impact I am having on the team. This has resulted in me being more relaxed and has actually earned the respect of others. VESIM has conducted Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign (EAC) to motivate candidates for start-ups. They also support creative thinkers to start their business through sponsorship. VESIM has groomed me in such a way that being a fresher also I was able to get selected in AXIS BANK as a RELATIONSHIP MANAGER.