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The Student Exchange Programme (SEP) enables student to understand the global business scene, and increase their competencies to survive and work in a globalized environment. As part of SEP, a number of international scholarships are now available to VESIM students. Selected students get an opportunity to study at our international partner Business Schools and Universities, or become part of research, joint research projects or exchange publications. Recently, VESIM has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with University of Cartagena, Spain.

The selected student receives an invitation from the International Office at the University of Cartagena to visit and study at their campus.

The selection of the candidate is made on the basis of criteria set by the partnering organization.

The list of qualifying candidates is shared with the host institution, and the final selection is made on the basis of the same criteria. VESIM Business School follows a fair selection process when it presents probable candidates for the student mobility program.

VESIM has always contributed to the tradition of academic excellence through its well-designed academic programs. We have always striven to honour students with brilliant academic records by providing them scholarships. A student who has scored brilliantly in their graduation can approach us with the mark sheet, and other details, if he/she wishes to take advantage of this scholarship program.

Scholarship Awarded
First in Merit - Rs. 75,000
Second in Merit - Rs. 50,000
Third in Merit - Rs. 25,000
Fourth in Merit - Rs. 25,000
Fifth in Merit - Rs. 25,000 

Scholarships for Low-Income Students
Inspired by our founder, Late Shri Hashu Advani, VESIM is committed to the cause of making education accessible to all sections of society. In collaboration with D. L. Shah Trust, we provide financial assistance to 5 Students from economically weak sections with an annual income lesser than 4 lakhs. Each student will receive Rs 50,000 as an assistance. D.L. Shah Trust is a leading NGO that makes liberal donations to the cause of education on annual basis. 

Scholarship Awarded
First - Rs. 50,000
Second - Rs. 50,000
Third - Rs. 50,000
Fourth - Rs. 50,000
Fifth - Rs. 50,000 

Special Encouragement Scholarship to Female & Differently Abled Students of Rs. 10,000/- will be awarded.