About PHD


Management is a term synonymous with Business. It primarily refers to synchronization of various business activities to achieve organizational objectives and goals. VESIM’s Ph.D. Program in Management is designed for research scholars who wish to excel in Management Science by adopting various pedagogical approaches in Management Education.

Of late, there is a growing trend of connecting Management Studies with Social Sciences. This trend is largely visible in Developing countries like India. The research in the field of Management thus, needs to address even the social science discipline both at Micro and Macro levels, and create sizeable impact on the society, in which it operates. Thus, it becomes necessary for top management institutes like us to address this demand, by creating a suitable platform for aspiring Management academicians and researchers. The Ph.D. program at VESIM emphasizes values, such as Professional ethics, Integrated approach, and rigor in research.

Objectives of Ph.D. in Management
  • To help researchers develop their critical thinking ability and produce research which will contribute to the discipline of Management thought.
  • To develop researchers and academicians who maintain high standards in research work.