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Ethical Management

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Internal Assessment 100 Marks (15 Sessions of 3 Hours Each)

SL.No Particulars Sessions
1 Evaluation of through ethics and business
– Culture and ethics
– Overview of ethics value system, Attitude, Belief, A life patterns
– Social Economics values and responsibility
– trusteeship management 
– Gandhi an Philosophy of wealth management Ethics and Indian management.
– Basic framework of Normative ethics
– Ethics and decision
– Making, Social responsibility of business
– Ethical aspects of corporate policy, morality and rationally in Organization 
– Moral Relationship between Individual and Organizations.
3 Sessions of 3 Hours
2 – Relationship between ethics and Corporation Excellence
– Approaches for Developing
– Various Orientation towards Ethical business Behavior 
2 Sessions of 3 Hours
3 – Corporate Governance
– Including suggestions of the Adrian Cadbury report, The Kumarmangalam report and their ethical ramifications.
3 Sessions of 3 Hours
4 Ethics in International scenario
– focusing on the unique nature of ethical dilemmas in a cross – cultural setup
– Guidelines for resolving and examples of corporate transgressions as well as corporate courage and ingenuity.  
3 Sessions of 3 Hours
5 Moral Evolution of the firm – dealing with the stages of Ethical growth and Organizations and categorization of Indian trains – national corporate at various stages of growth. 2 Sessions of 3 Hours
6 Case Studies and Presentations 2 Sessions of 3 Hours

Reference Text

  1. Ethics of Management by Hosmer
  2. Ethics of Management by Chakraborty
  3. Ethics by Chandra Sekhar
  4. What is Ethical in Ethics by John Henderson