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Fees Structure

Fees of the Course-VESIM+Collaborating University:
VESIM would charge as per their policy and ZSEM would be charging as per their policy.

Mode of Payment
Each student will pay student fees in the host institution during the period of study. ZSEM will offer a special fee discount to students coming from VESIM. This discount will be of 30% over the regular one. The fee for a specialized MBA at ZSEM for the academic year 2018-2019 is €10.400. Changes in fees should be announced to the partner.

Other Expenses: Exchange students are responsible for the cost of their travel, accommodation, insurance and for their living expenses.

Insurance Expenses: At actuals

Visa Expenses and Details: Each exchange student shall be responsible for obtaining a visa and related travel documents necessary to pursue studies at the host institution. Both institutions will assist as necessary in satisfying host site visa requirements and other necessary formalities for the visiting students.

Visa procedure:

Visa documents
You must go to the Croatian Embassy to get the VISA application form and confirm the documents you need and how long the procedure will take.
Documents required:
1) The Application form
2) 3 passport sized photographs
3) A Valid national passport
4) The Proof of sufficient financial means: evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself here and to go back to your country
5) The Medical insurance
6) A Letter of acceptance from the host University
7) The Official certificate from Police records

Accommodation details and expense if any: The host institution will assist the exchange students in finding accommodation.

Exchange students are responsible for the cost of their accommodation, insurance and for their living expenses.