Program in Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking


In the business world, creating and implementing strategies is becoming a difficult task due to volatility and market risks. Businesses are driven by challenges like reducing time-to-market durations, shifting spotlight on product variety and optimization, and shortening profit margins. Various studies and research suggest that innovation is the only way survive in the competitive environment. Although most business leaders will agree that innovation is the key to success, still many of them are dissatisfied with their company's Return on Investment (ROI) in innovation. How can these businesses improve their capabilities to increase their ROI in innovation? To achieve a success, business organizations can benefit from a distinctive skillset, which is known as Design Thinking.
VESIM's Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking examines how design thinking can be utilized to ideate and implement new business ideas that assure organic growth. This program empowers a student to become a creative individual who can design innovative ideas that are ground-breaking, sustainable, and strong enough to make an impact locally and on a global scale. In short, this program helps students to design ideas, and create a roadmap for their business start-ups.

Program Objectives

The program aims at helping students to:
  • Develop a human-centric design mindset and upskill their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Understand the basics of business model canvas and learn to use it independently
  • Discover opportunities that can be nurtured for better business outcomes
  • Improve self-management skills and polish their innovative thinking skills
  • Identify, define, and nurture viable ideas quickly, so that they can avoid spending less time and efforts on stalled or impractical ideas
  • Learn to use various tools for creating personal start-up roadmaps
Program Format

Students will get an opportunity to learn from faculty members who are practitioners of design thinking. The certificate program includes a 5-week course:
  • Understanding Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship Ab-Initio
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Entrepreneurship
  • Designing Your Dream Startup
  • Advanced Topic in Entrepreneurship – Secret Sauce
  • Pitching before Jury and Investors

Admission dates soon to be announced