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Institute Level Grievance Redressal

VESIM is committed to providing a safe environment for students. We provide a mechanism to students for grievances redressal with regards to their complaints on matters related to academics, victimisation, assessment, fees, harassment by teachers or other students.

At VESIM, the Institute Level Grievance Redressal Committee has been constituted with the following objectives:
  • To introduce an impartial and fair mechanism for redressal of issues faced by students.
  • To create a responsive attitude among students, teachers, and parents, thereby maintaining a positive environment in the campus.
  • To advise students, teachers, and parents to respect each other, and to refrain them from behaving in a vindictive manner towards each other for any reason.
  • To ensure the grievances are resolved promptly, and confidentially.
  • To uphold the goodwill and dignity of the institute in high esteem.
VESIM’s Institute Level Grievance Redressal Committee consists of the following members:

Sr. No.

Name of the Member


Designation in Committee


Dr. Kewal Noohria

Former CMD, Crompton & Greaves



Shri. Mahesh Tejwani (or his Nominee (Trustee) from the Governing Council of the Institute)

President / Trustee (VES)



Adv. Laxman Kanal

Member VES



Dr. Satish S Modh

Director of VESIM



Dr. Hema Santhanam

Sr. Professor, VESIM

Ex – Director JBIMS, Mumbai


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