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Centre of Excellence - Entrepreneurship and MSME

The Centre of Excellence Entrepreneurship and MSME focuses on the drivers of the economy - MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises). These MSME’s not only ensure financial independence, but also generate employment opportunities for local people, and contributes to the overall development of the community and nation by enriching the quality of life. The centre sensitizes students about the benefits of self-employment by setting up a MSME. Students are provided guidance and support to materialize their ideas.

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Entrepreneurship Cell of  Vivekanand Institute of Management Studies and Research (VESIM) & VES Business School  in association with Wadhwani Foundation proudly presents “Alchemize” – Discover the E-Pundit in you a National Level Entrepreneurship competition.


The Competition is designed to weave entrepreneurship fabric in the minds of yuvapreneurs by providing them a rich, & real corporeal experience, thus giving them a ride of comprehensive e-cycle i.e., right from idea generation, pitching the idea, managing business with limited funds, and final presentation before the esteemed jury.

The competition is cleaved into three stages:

In Stage 1: The participant has to prepare MVP {Minimum Viable Product} of a product/service by preparing a Lean Canvas (Business Plan) and upload it on social media. Students who get maximum likes on social media would get through the second stage.

In Stage 2: Here the selected teams will be granted a virtual amount of ₹1,00,000 and a separate virtual account will be created for each group. The details and login credentials for their virtual account will be shared via QR code with the respective group leader and they have to utilize the given amount to process their business idea and make it functional.


In Stage 3: The qualified teams from stage 2 will be giving a presentation of their MVP before the jury.


Highlights of the Competition:

  • Cash prizes worth Rs. 40,000 along with E-certificates
  • Participation E-certificates [to all students]
  • Eminent Jury/Experts like Venture Capitalist, Angel Investors, Renowned Entrepreneurs
  • Virtual Account of each team would be opened
  • Allocation of virtual money to start the business


Details of the Competition:

Start Date: 25th January 2021  

End Date: 13th February 2021

Venue: Online Platform

Stages:  3 stages



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