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Centre of Excellence - Communication Skills

Communication is a skill that is mastered over a period of time. It needs to be taught and learned through a combination of inter-related activities involving listening, writing and speaking, over and beyond the scope of traditional classroom teaching. 

Based on this fundamental premise, the aim of the VESIM Centre for Management Communication is to offer a range of teaching, training, counselling and coaching inputs to VESIM students. An integrated understanding and competence of communication skills will be delivered by a combination of expertise drawn from in-house faculty, invited trainers and tie-ups with professional organisations.

The following initiatives have been launched in less than two months:
VESIM signed an MOU with CII YI on Sept 19, 2018 to start the VESIM CII-YI YUVA chapter.
The CII is India’s largest and most respected Industry body ( and Young Indians is the CII’s Youth arm ( Yi works with over 1000 schools and colleges across India by setting up YUVA chapters and co-creates activities and projects for students that
  • Connect them with Industry and young entrepreneurs
  • Help them plan their careers
  • Involve them with Community service and nation building projects
  • Create leadership development and skills training platforms
  • Build a national and global network for students to connect and learn from
VESIM-HOGI Youth Theatre

VESIM signed an MOU with Helen O Grady International on Sept 24, 2018 to establish the VESIM-HOGI Youth Theatre.  Salient features of the HOGI youth theatre system involves sessions on speech, movement, improvisation, character collage vox pops, TV and Radio plays, mime and many other theatrical exercises with a focus on the 3 Ps - Presentation, Public Speaking, and Performance Skills. The skills learnt in these classes will help student to become articulate speakers, with excellent presentation skills.
On successful completion of the program students will receive an internationally-recognised Advanced Youth Theatre Certificate from HOGI.

Foreign Languages Division

Inaugurated on Oct 10, 2018, this Division offers classes in Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, French and German.