Special Issue of Journal of Development Research : Vedic Leadership

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Vedic Leadership means to orchestrate the evolution of humanity and the universe in alignment with the totality of all the laws of nature. The Vedas means the totality of knowledge. Leadership means a coordinated movement in a desirable direction. Ideally, the Vedas should be the guiding force for all leadership phenomena. We welcome submissions to build the theory and practice of Vedic Leadership. Vedic Leadership may be associated with some traits, skills, styles, powers, and structures. Journal of Development Research (JDR) invites you to participate in an exciting special issue on Vedic Leadership. 

-Theoretical contributions emanating from Vedic scriptures will be valued. 

-Techniques for developing Vedic Leadership skills, abilities and mindsets will be welcomed. 

-Experiential accounts and case studies from organizations and society will be welcomed. 

-Conceptual structures for Vedic organizing patterns are another instance of potential contributions. 

-Alternative or marginalized modes of expression will be encouraged and accepted. 


Prof. Anil Maheswari, akmaheshwari@mum.edu,                                                                  

Dr. Nisha Pandey, nisha.pandey@ves.ac.in, 9769557224