Distinguished Lecture on Yoga Sutra and world peace

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Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is an ancient Vedic text that provides a comprehensive manifold path for achieving union with Supreme Consciousness. Yoga is popular worldwide as a means of personal growth and development. However, Yoga Sutra also states that coherence in collective consciousness can counter hostile tendencies. This is achieved by trained meditators transcending together. Over 50 research publications in top journals have documented large-scale proactive experiments around the world, where small groups of trained meditators trained in Transcendental Meditation ™ the technique created Super-Radiance Effect and lowered crime rates and improved quality of life measures.
Anil Maheshwari
Ph.D is a professor of Management at the Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, since 2012. He did B.Tech. from IIT Delhi, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and Ph.D from Case Western Reserve University. He has been on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati, City University of New York, and others. He has published over a dozen papers and has also delivered a dozens of seminars and talks around the world on technology, management and spirituality. He is Director of the MBA in MIS program and teaches courses in data analytics and information systems. He is the author of five books including Data Analytics Made Accessible, the #1 bestseller on Amazon. He has 20 years of IT industry experience including leadership roles at IBM Corporation in Austin, TX, for 9 years. He ran a marathon in 2006. His recent research focuses on Bliss, Vedas, Leadership, and World Peace. He received the coveted Maharishi Award in 2015. He blogs on Blissful Living at anilmah.com. 
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