Priyada Prasad
(Batch 2014 – 2016)
Specialization: Marketing

Deputy Manager – Key Accounts

VESIM has managed to create a perfect environment with proper attention to education along with meeting extra-curricular needs. Timely seminars on important topics, annual lit fest, sports day, social initiatives, everything is managed well with the support of staff and students. In 2014, when I was doing my first year at VESIM, an interesting social immersion programme YUVA for SEVA was introduced. This was an amazing learning experience for us. I and my peers had a great time enjoyed working with the NGO of our choice. The three weeks I worked with the NGO was a real eye-opener. Actually, I could delve into the daily routines and understand the various challenges faced by the NGO on a daily basis.
In this way, students get an exposure in every realm, based on their interests. The various student cells also incorporate a sense of ownership in the students thus helping them build on confidence and eventually helps them boost their morale. I cherish everything about Vesim, the staff is very approachable and the whole aura is positive. Truly happy being a Vesimite.