Name: Mayuresh Gajare
Batch: 2017-19
Specialisation during MMS: Finance
Current Company: CRISIL
Designation: Management Trainee

“I remember the quote from ‘The Alchemist’ - “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting!” and VESIM has given me the soil to grow the seed of my dream, which makes my journey towards life interesting. During my engineering internship, I realized that every decision you make in the firm is a corporate finance decision and has financial implications. Which drives my interest in finance and into the financial markets. Clarity of what you want to do in life is much more important. Your vision becomes clearer when you get good mentors and I got those during my two-year course of MMS in Finance. VESIM has played a key role in shaping my life morals. I will never in my life forget how one simple question about Swami Vivekananda turned my life completely and this was asked by one of my professors during her lecture. VESIM has given me the platform to develop my skill sets and you get nurtured while being mentored by industry veterans. You must have the ability to ask the right questions. After doing my MMS I started working with CRISIL Ltd in Credit Ratings where the company has appreciated my work by awarding me with the Annual Corporate Bright Spark Award. VESIM has created the perfect environment to grow a seed into the sapling and pushed that ready-to-grow sapling into the corporate world. I feel privileged to be a part of VESIM and hope to be in touch with everyone. Thanks, everyone for being there in my journey of life. ”