Dheeraj Nagdeo
(Batch 2012 – 2014)

Senior Manager – Client Services
Interactive Avenues

The Institute, under the able leadership of Modh Sir, has taken a lot of forwarding strides in numerous areas and as alumni I am thoroughly impressed with it, and it’s a proud feeling to see the progress made.
There are several things that make VESIM special. It is here I learned that experiences make you wiser not the closed classrooms. Since day one, our faculty members emphasized that we learn the things our own way. Experiential learning was the heart of our management studies. Though faculty members have helped us on topics, they were adamant that we learn through activities. We were encouraged to enact role plays to understand the topic better, participate and conduct in intercollegiate events, organize social events, and a lot more. In addition to all these, the internships that we did as a part of the course were very helpful. We could actually learn how to adjust and perform in the ever-competitive corporate environment. A small leap at a time can make a big difference in the long run, and VESIM helps you realize it better.
I wish VESIM all the best in its endeavors and may it scale the highest peaks in Management Studies.