Deepak Harwani
(Batch 2011 – 2013)
Specialization: Finance

Senior Analyst

VESIM is the place where we aspire to become future managers. Our professors guide, inspire and are our mentors. They turn our aspirations into reality!
The preparation of a successful career starts right from the first day of your studies. In the first year, as the part of Guru-Shishya Mentoring Program, I and all other students of my batch were evaluated on the basis of skills and interests. The evaluation was conducted jointly by our faculty experts and mentors. The mentors I am referring to are experienced corporate professionals, who helped us overcome our weaknesses and strengthen our viewpoints about the topics of interest, and focus on their career aspects. Along with the faculty, I am extremely thankful to my mentor who was an experienced and knowledgeable corporate professional who helped me in understanding how to make the right career choices, and excel at the workplace. His inputs combined with guest lectures by industry experts and experiences gained from attending competitions like Mock Stock has made a tremendous impact on my mind, and allowed me to evolve as a competitive, career-focused professional. I think, such lively and student-centric environment is what makes VESIM different.
Today, I can confirm that the 2 years that I spent at VESIM stand remarkable for my career as we get trained to reserve a seat in corporate. We yearn to turn our dreams into reality and this college makes it happen!