Student Cell Committees

VESIM is a student-centered institution, where students are encouraged to participate in various activities throughout the year. We believe the students must get an opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenging managerial career roles ahead. Thus, they are encouraged to conceptualize, coordinate, and manage different activities at the institute, as well as take responsibility for the execution. All these activities help them to sharpen their leadership, coordination, and managerial skills, and improve their decision-making capabilities and team building skills. All student activities are coordinated by the Students Committee Cell throughout the academic year. The students take responsibility to take forward activities that are academic as well as experiential.

The Students Committee Cell acts as an interface between the management, the faculty, and students. The Committee comprises of various cells, which are established to help students gain a wide exposure on various subjects during their time at VESIM. Through these cells, the Students Committee relentlessly strives towards making the VESIM experience memorable and rewarding for every student.

Finance Cell

Finance is the pillar of a business. It is important that students learn the art of managing finances. At VESIM, we have Finance Cell that helps students to improve their understanding of various financial concepts and the finance sector, and gives them hands-on experience through Live projects.

Marketing Cell

The Cell conducts brainstorming sessions and discussions on the evolving marketing trends, innovative marketing strategies adopted by companies, and popular marketing campaigns. The Cell helps students to sharpen their marketing skills.

Human Resources Cell

As the human resource is an important resource in every organization. It is important that students receive an in-depth understanding of the topic. The HR Cell helps raise awareness about the human resource development.

Operations and Supply Chain Management Cell

In today’s fast paced business world, operations and supply chain management are two critical aspects of success. The Operations and Supply Chain Management Cell is a student-driven cell, which facilitates knowledge sharing on decision sciences, and operations management.

Alumni Cell

The Alumni Cell acts as the interface between the Alumni and the Institute. The Cell organizes “FETE” - an Alumni get together, where alumni bond and reminisce over their time at VESIM. The Cell facilitates several Alumni events with the sole objective of bridging the gap between the past and the present. During these events students get a chance to interact with Alumni, understand their work roles and challenges, etc.

Placement Cell

The Placement Cell is a student-driven cell that works with twin objectives - finding a suitable profile for every student, and helping employers to find a suitable candidate. The entire placement process is facilitated by the committee, and it ensures a smooth transition for a candidate from a student to a corporate professional. The Placement Cell also guides students on self-employment ideas. Supportive activities undertaken by the cell includes inviting eminent alumni and guest speakers for discussions, inviting employers for pre-placement talks, and coordinating final placements.

Branding and Social Media Cell

The Cell is instituted as the part of the Institute’s brand building efforts, and has helped us secure the position as one of the premier management education institutions in Mumbai. The Cell consistently works towards spreading awareness about the college, across various media - visual, print, and online media. The Cell encourages students to participate in various online and offline marketing activities such as Internet Marketing, Media Planning, Content Marketing, Designing, etc. Students participating in the activities get a hands-on experience in branding a business in a real environment.

MSME and Entrepreneurship Cell

This Cell is instituted with the purpose of helping students with enterprising dreams. We believe there is an entrepreneur in every student, but they ignore it due to reasons varying from lack of support from families and society, academic pressure, lack of guidance in materializing the business plans, etc. We help students to overcome the barriers by providing them hand-holding support and guidance.

CSR Cell

The Cell was established as the part of Institute’s CSR initiatives. The Cell sensitizes students towards their social responsibilities. All members of the Cell contribute in their own little ways to make difference to lives of downtrodden people around them.

Online Publication V-Samanvay Cell

V-Samanvay is the monthly e-magazine published by the cell. The magazine allows students to share their opinions, articles, and interviews on various relevant business, technology, marketing, management, and social themes. The magazine is entirely managed and marketed by students. Every year, best articles from the magazine are printed and circulated during GLIMPSES.

Student Welfare Cell

VESIM is not merely a regular management school, but also an institution that prioritizes its students before anything. The Students Welfare Cell (SWC) is instituted for the student welfare. The Cell organizes study tours, health camps, as well as organizes various extra-curricular activities such as Literati Fest, Congruence, GLIMPSES, etc. It acts as a bridge between the students and the management. The SWC has a strong and vibrant subcommittee called Sports Cell.

Women Development Cell (WDC)

The Cell works with the sole aim of encouraging women participation in business. It promotes the concept of women leadership by inviting successful women from different walks of life. Our guests bond with faculty and students through lectures, informal meetings, and mentoring programs. These interaction opportunities have immensely helped our students to understand the challenges endured by women in business.

Mentoring Cell

The Mentoring Cell is committed to the holistic development of the students undergoing courses at VESIM. The cell comprises counselors who help students to identify their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, interests, etc. Mentees are assigned to each mentor on the basis of their personal development, academic strengths, as well as career choices. Mentors help students to shape their academic life and careers.

Business Incubation Cell

The Business Incubation Cell has been established with the sole aim of promoting enterprising ideas in students. The Cell facilitates interaction and networking opportunities with various professional resources, including alumni, visiting faculty, speakers, etc. This Cell also makes available support systems, as well as the physical infrastructure required for business incubation.

Case Research and Development Cell

The Case Research and Development Cell is responsible for case study research and development. The Cell comprises faculty experts who work closely with businesses to understand their problems, and create case studies. These business cases help students improve their analytical and decision-making skills, as well as communication skills, which are the important aspects of a business leadership.