Board Of Studies

The Goal

VESIM believes in imparting quality education. Our main focus is on shaping individuals who can emerge as well-known industrialists, agile administrators and shrewd leader-managers. We work towards this goal by introducing courses, programmes and exercises that help students develop logical thinking skills, aptitude to make right business decisions, a knack to self-review decisions and ability to identify hidden talents.

To achieve this goal, VESIM has established a well-respected advisory board known as Board of Studies 

The Board of Studies at VESIM advises the institute on academic matters and the need-of-the-hour in the business world. Currently, the board comprises of 22 members who have great experience in diverse fields of administration, education and business. 

The Board plays a pivotal role in examining the syllabus; suggesting amendments in the syllabus based on industry trends; understanding existing teaching pedagogy & proposing changes; and encouraging industry engagements in the form of internships, projects or guest lectures.

List of Members
Sr No Member Name Designation
1 Mr Manoj Choudhary Head –HR Public Marketing
2 Mr Ashish Chaurasia Sr Manager
3 Ms Anushka Sinha Sr Manager
4 Mr Nagesh Pai Manager Support
5 Prof S. Rajagopalan Ex-Deputy Director General
6 Mr Amod Thosar Chief Manager
7 Mr Sunil Bhardwaj SAS Data Scientist
8 Ms Bhavana Iyer Strategic Consultant
9 Mr Sudip Chakravartty Chief Finance Officer
10 Mr Aniket Bhalerao Sr Manager
11 Mr Vivek Sharma Manager
12 Mr Satish Pai Sr Manager
13 Mr Vishal Keswani Manager HR
14 Ms Gayatri Joshi Head-Training & Content
15 Mr Dhruv Rastogi Data Scientist.
16 Mr Nitin Tike Sr Vice President
17 Mr Sanjeet Kumar Chief Executive Officer
18 Mr C V Gopalkrishnan General Manager
19 Mr Vishnu Chhatre Vice President Commercial
20 Mr Magesh Srinivasan Manager People-Ops
21 Mr Shubham Chatterjee Manager
22 Mr Raj Sharma Chairman