Institute Tie Ups

Tomorrow's “business leaders must be prepared to plan for unforeseen challenges, and be pioneers in their selected field”, who are keen to explore new paths few could do, and have the courage to follow them till the end. In order to emerge as a successful business leader, a management student must have an in-depth knowledge of industry trends, as well as challenging regulatory and business environment. This realization has been a driving force at VESIM to forge a strong industry interface.

Our students get lots of opportunities to interact with various corporate leaders who teach them in classrooms as an adjunct and visiting faculty, as well as during major events like HR Summit, Basic 16 - The International Conference, Literati Fest, IC - 16, and series of lectures conducted by eminent industrialists.

The Institute has strengthened its corporate tie ups by signing a MoU with various business schools and corporate organizations. For instance, VESIM has signed a MoU with EUDE B-school, Spain for student and faculty exchange. Also, the Institute has signed with iksula for research and analytics, as well as HDFC for consultancy projects. These live projects enable students to build skills required to solve problems in the real business environment.

All the aforementioned corporate interface engagements allow us to follow our mission "fuelling value-based growth through experiential learning". Indeed, these programs have helped students to update their industry knowledge, improve their understanding of the current socio-economic environment, and polish their soft skills, thus building a right attitude for a successful corporate career in the future.


Technical University of Cartagena, Spain for Student & Faculty Exchange, Joint Research & Academic Activities, Joint Academic Programs


EUDE B-School, Spain for Student and Faculty Exchange


Oklahoma State University, USA for Joint Research, Faculty Exchange, Students Exchange, Cultural Exchange


Synergy University of Moscow, Russia for Joint Research, Faculty Research, Student Research, Cultural and Academic Exchange


RCF for SAP (ERP) Training and Consultancy

sas logo.jpg

SAS for Training on Business Analytics


NISM for Joint Program on Securities Markets


PMI - Mumbai for Imparting Project Management Skill

SS & C GlobeOp.png

SS & C GLOBEOP for Training on Financial Market


edX for Online Education

SME Chamber of India.png

SME Chamber of India for Entrepreneurship


TISS for Project, Analytics and Research