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Area of Specialisation

Prof. Brijesh Sharma

Professor Brijesh Sharma is an incisive professional with over 23 years of work experience. He has a diverse experience ranging from operations to sales and marketing and also running various ventures. He has worked in Blue chip pharmaceutical companies like Lupin and Wockhardt. He is a graduate in Microbiology and MMS from University of Mumbai. Currently pursuing PhD from University of Mumbai, Professor Sharma has interest in learning and teaching Business Research and Marketing.    

In his role as an operational professional Prof Sharma has worked on two bulk drug manufacturing through fermentation technology. Apart from operational knowledge Prof Sharma brings to the class his experience from the sales and marketing domain also.

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Business Research
Strategic Management
Marketing Research
Service Management
Environment Management

Area of Research
1. Subordination of Altruistic Intent against Egoistic Intent in the Customer’s Choice Hierarchy for Organic Foods Contemporary Issues in Management.
2. Exploring the demographic difference and the resultant motivating choice criteria and inhibiting factors of OFP consumer in Mumbai and Thane District. International Journal of Contemporary Management Studies,
3. Evaluating the Dependency of Awareness of Organic Food on Gender and Marital Status for Organic Food Consumer in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai” Journal of Development Research
4. Evaluating and Assessing Customer Life Time value (CLV) Models and Deriving a CLV model pertaining to Contractual based relationship” 3rd International Conference on Business Strategy and Practices for Global transformation.
5. An Overview of the Architectural Framework of Big Data Ecosystem Karpagam Journal of Management
6. A Review Of Plurality and Contribution of MSME to the Global Economy” Journal of Development and Research
7. Exploration and Evaluation of the Challenges Online Advertisements are Posing to the Internet user and the Resultant Paradigm Shift to Non-Interruptive Digital Marketing
8. Exploratory Study of the Utility of Analytics in Retail Landscape” JDR
9. Evaluating the Similarities and Difference in the Motivation and Satisfaction of Online Shoppers in Amravati area” JDR
10. An Empirical Comparison of the Effect of Demographic Characteristics on Select promotional mix Adopted by Organic food sellers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai” JDR

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